Poseidon 440
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Poseidon 440

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The most popular boat among fishermen, it carries up to 6 people. Ideal for fishing with a friend - u still have plenty of free space for fishing equipment and fish.

Poseidon is a motor boat with universal hull which finds itself good as a motorboat or paddling boat. Going across true fishermen we created an additional model with steering wheel which is available in our offer.
Using silent motors is obligatory in regions of absolute silence.


This boat was constructed mainly for fishermen and water tourism. Big and spacious can be used with paddles or with motor. It alows u to take up to 6 people for a free time trip.


Oval shape of the boat allows you for a smooth and easy travel by rough waters and well profiled hull cut through waves smoothly and comfortably with a little help of paddles or motor. It has one bench in the middle of the deck and places to sit in the back and front part of the boat. Double surface of the deck makes Poseidon unsinkable and it has a draught element placed in a whole boat to help u maintain the course. A flat deck with smooth surface helps you to maintain it clean and much stable paddling.
C - category is designed to sail through coastal waters, huge bays, lakes and rivers with wind up to 6 degrees Beaufort and waves up to 2 metres.
The deck has front and back seating and the front part of the boat can be built over to create so called SUN DECK which is devoted for lying and sunbathing.


Poseidon has two grapplings for rope and paddles, two compartments and all is placed at the stern and bow. It has four handles used for transportation of the boat and to tie it at a shore. The second use of railings is to hold to it while stering.
At the stern a plug is placed to drain the water from the deck undr it, and than to drain it out while being at a shore.
Length: 4.40m
Width: 1.80m
Weight: 200kg
Max. load (crew): 6 members
Power: 20HP
Design Category: C