Mirach M540
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Mirach M540

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Mirach is an incredibly functional motorboat for 6 people. It  is designed for active people and motorsport enthusiasts.

Mirach is a powerfull motorboat and to fully use it’s potential you need an engine with big power. You can equip this motorboat with an engine with the power of even 95 HSP. An engine with the power 40 HSP can make the motorboat “slide”.

You can use it for motorsports as well as for angling.


A motorboat created for all kinds of motorsports. It is capable of pulling everything that needs speed to float over the water like water ski, but also bigger things like water banana.


Well shaped bottom easily cuts through waves and enables to „slide”.

The steering cockpit is covered with plexiglass.

The motorboat holds up to 6 people, that have a lot of space at the bow and stern. The deck in the front part enables creating a “sun deck” for lying and sunbathing.

The deck is placed over the water level, which enables the water to stream down by itself.

Because of the weight of the boat you have to use special trolleys to move it.

Oval shaped bottom enables the boat to swim on rough waters. Well shaped hull cuts through waves enabling comfortable swimming using oars or a motor engine.

The boat has a flat floor with smooth surface making it easy to keep it clean. The flat bottom in the boat means more stability for the boat itself when swimming.

Design category C. Boat designed for swimming on the coast, big bays, dams, lakes and rivers in wind conditions up to 6 on the Beaufort Wind Scale, and with wave height up to 2 meters.


The motorboat is equipped with side railings on the whole length, to hold on to while swimming. The railings also make mooring easier.

Belaying cleats for tying up the boat are placed at the bow and stern of the boat.

The motorboat is equipped with three spacious and handy lockers. One on the stern and two on the sides.

On the stern we placed a drain to flush down the water from the deck.
Length: 540.00m
Width: 215.00m
Weight: 450kg
Max. load (crew): 6 members
Power: 95HP
Design Category: C