Voyager M420
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Voyager M420

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Voyager is a motor version of the most popular angling boat Pionier. Voyager is additionally equipped with a steering cockpit, making it easier to steer with the engine

Voyager is a motorboat with a very universal hull, that fits perfectly for both rowing and powering with a motor engine.

This model features a steering cockpit and is an extension to the popular rowboat Pionier.

The boat can be also powered with electrical engines. Using quiet engines is obligatory on waters in the quiet zone.


A boat created for anglers. Big and spacious, good for swimming with both oars and motor engine.

Big boat enables recreational excursions with more people. The boat can hold even up to 6 people.


Oval shaped bottom enables the boat to swim on rough waters. Well shaped hull cuts through waves enabling comfortable swimming using oars or a motor engine.

The boat has two benches in the middle and seats at the bow and stern.

The model Voyager has a steering cockpit, making steering with the engine easier. The cheaper version of the boat with the same hull is Pionier.

The boat has a flat floor with smooth surface making it easy to keep it clean. The flat bottom in the boat means a more stable foothold when rowing and more stability for the boat itself when swimming.

Design category C. Boat designed for swimming on the coast, big bays, dams, lakes and rivers in wind conditions up to 6 on the Beaufort Wind Scale, and with wave height up to 2 meters.


The boat is equipped with two rowlocks for attaching oars. Belaying cleats for tying up the boat are placed at the bow and stern of the boat.

Voyager is equipped with two spacious lockers at the bow and stern of the boat.

The boat has been equipped with 4 handles making it easier to move and moor the boat. The railings’ main purpose is holding on to them when swimming on the boat.

On the stern we placed a plug enabling to flush down the water under the deck and, after taking it out of the water, to the outside. However, you should remember that using this function too often can lower down the floatability parameters of the boat.
Length: 420.00m
Width: 175.00m
Weight: 150kg
Max. load (crew): 6 members
Power: 8HP
Design Category: C